Sally Wanless





With filmmakers, Writers, Photographers & Designers who have one common goal, to create something that is going to be talked about and that produces impact which then can be relished.


We have one thing on our minds, and that is to create content that works. Our combined creative & production team of collaborators are all working to produce quality content. Everything from branding and packaging right through to illustration, photography & film.




we love to talk digital strategy. being intune with what is happening out there on the digital landscape is a NECESSITY and we all know with great storytelling and an incredible product, these are the brands that will last, the ones that are marketed in the right space for the right current time.

It can be a lot to think about, when the digital sphere is moving as quickly as it is. We create a digestible way of thinking and moving forward with your brand.


within wfresh, we are firm believers, especially in the current climate that sometimes talking things through business wise can be the difference between light and day.

WFresh is very much about a fresh way of thinking, and with our dedicated team in various areas, this can be proven invaluable to businesses and brands.