Sally Wanless



Sally Wanless is a visual artist working in illustration, photography, design & film. Humanity and curiosity are at the forefront throughout Sally’s practice as a storyteller and artist. Wanless’ photographic work has been exhibited internationally, some of which include: Times Square NYC, The Louvre Paris, Paxton House England, and Art Basel Miami. Her design work is vibrant and bold. She works with brands, businesses and clients on that front bringing something a little different to the table.

Currently in the works is a documentary film called ‘Humanity’ and also a podcast called Studio Wanless.

Sally was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and having moved around Scotland a fair bit, she now lives in her home city of Edinburgh.



2019 Group exhibition - John Byrne Award, Edinburgh Scotland

2015 solo exhibition at Paxton House, England. Featuring a collection of NY photographs.

2015 showcase with Collect Scotland at Premiere Vision, Paris. (Design work)

2014 solo exhibition at Old Gala House, Galashiels. Shadow & Light Photo Exhibition. (portraits)

2014 group exhibition at Art Basel, Miami, USA.

2014 group exhibition at Times Square, NYC, USA.

2014 group exhibition at Long Island, NYC, USA.

2014 group exhibition at The Louvre, Paris.

2012-13 group exhibition at Hawick Museum, Hawick, Scotland.

2011-12 group exhibition at Peacock Art Gallery, Aberdeen, Scotland.